Design for People

Open works with companies, organizations, and people who want to make things better.

Scott Stowell started Open in 1998. We’ve been reinventing ourselves and joining forces with smart clients (and talented collaborators) to get things done ever since.

Grafik magazine: “Above all, Open aspires to create work that answers questions the clients don’t even know how to ask.”

What is Open?

We create rewarding
experiences for people who
look, read, and think.

We’re a design studio that builds identities for organizations with something to say.

   We’re a consulting firm that tells stories in ways that surprise, engage, and inform.

   We’re an editorial team that crafts distinctive voices for the page and the screen.

   We’re an ad agency that delivers campaigns that prompt new connections.

   We’re a production company that makes (short) movies with focus, humor, and style.

   We’re a task force that improves places by making them more accessible and fun.

   We’re a think tank that comes up with ideas even when nobody asked us to.

   We’re a group of people working together to make things better.

We made a book! And you can get a copy right now.

Scott did a “Lunch Talk” at Hyperakt in Brooklyn.

Debbie Millman interviewed Scott on Design Matters.

Miss our old site? Don’t worry. It’s still online. 

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