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Helfand Myerberg Guggenheimer Architects website
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Thinking, working and exploring. Helfand Myerberg Guggenheimer is a smart, medium-sized architecture firm in New York. We helped them figure out what they wanted to say about themselves and how to use a website to say it. Working from a journalistic point of view, we developed a site full of stories about HMGa, their work and their studio culture that are accessible to anyone (with the Flash plugin). The site's unique structure and lots of extra details keep it interesting. For the launch, we designed a postcard that features the site's color palette.

what we did:
strategy · concept · writing · design · preparation · production

"[Open] helped us redefine how we think about ourselves and our mission. Working with Open was intellectually rewarding and fun." —Henry Myerberg, HMGa
· Buy former HMGa partner Margaret Helfand's book Essential Architecture.

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