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Telling stories with perspective. POV has been showing documentaries on PBS for fifteen years. For the 2002-2003 season, we redesigned the show, incorporating photography by Jorge Colombo, the new POV logo by Lucille Tenazas, and music by David Byrne. The show open is a kaleidoscope of images shot in seven locations, each representing a part of everyday life: playing, working, thinking, exchanging, gathering, learning and moving. The grids of images correspond to grids of color which appear throughout the show.

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"Working with Open has been a pleasure. They worked with speed, focus, humor and flexibility—all the things you could ask for." —Cara Mertes, executive director, POV
· Watch the POV open (QT, 4.2 MB).
· See more of Jorge Colombo's work.
· Find out more about POV.

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