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National Multiple Sclerosis Society identity
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Join the movement. "Multiple Sclerosis (MS) stops people from moving. The National MS Society exists to make sure it doesn’t." Ad agency Wieden + Kennedy developed that positioning for the Society and asked us to help develop their new visual identity. Our ever-changing MS logo celebrates the diversity of human movement while making a defiant statement against the disease. By simply making a mark over these two orange letters, anyone can join the movement against MS. And the guidelines we developed make sure that the logo, colors, and typography are consistent in all applications.

what we did:
concept · design

"The campaign is all about how MS stops movement, and we exist to make sure it doesn't....we want everyone to join and celebrate the movement." —Graham McReynolds, NMSS

· Visit the Join the Movement site.

· Find out more about MS and the National MS Society.

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