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Trio network redesign
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Smart, complex and meta. For Trio, a tv network all about popular culture, we created a changing tagline to go with their new logo (by design studio No.17) and (with the help of people like filmmaker Chris Wilcha and music supervisors Agoraphone) produced a total redesign, including the copy, design, animation, sound design and music. There were lots of IDs, menus that worked like a search engine, some surprisingly honest disclaimers and more. A new website and a huge style guide also kept us busy. As of 2007, Trio is no longer on cable, but it lives on the web as

what we did:
concept · writing · design ·
preparation · production

"Open delivered a fully-realized communication system that mirrors the channel's sense of pop-culture fandom with wit and intelligence." —Lauren Zalaznick, president, Trio

· Watch a Trio montage (QT, 8.7 MB).

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