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Nick at Nite network redesign
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Watching tv all night long. When Nick at Nite asked us to come up with some ideas for their on-air design, we (with Chip Wass) went ahead and re-did the whole network, including network IDs, show IDs, menus and promos. Every part of the redesign is built from an identity system we developed which surrounded the existing logo with a new (blue) color palette, custom textures, images and words from the shows, illustrations of Nick at Nite viewers, and just one typeface. We also designed and produced a nice metal press kit and special stationery to go with it.

what we did:
strategy · concept · writing · design · preparation · production

"Now the shows are surrounded by a channel that's worth staying up all night for. With a friend, of course."
· Watch a NaN montage (QT, 10.3MB).
· Watch "Game Show" (QT, 4.6 MB).
· Check out our Nick at Nite playlist.

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