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Coca-Cola Japan Between campaign
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Making Coke more ordinary. The Between campaign, developed in collaboration with ad agency Wieden + Kennedy and copywriter Kathy Hepinstall , tries to make Coca-Cola more part of everyday Japanese life. Each print ad defines a moment (and chance to drink Coke) by what came before and what comes after: "between heartbreaks," "between moments without drama" (with art by Adrian Tomine), and "between places your mind wanders to." In the television spots (directed by Sogo Ishii), the product is similarly placed in the middle: "between hope and disappointment," "between asleep and awake."

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concept · design · preparation

"When working with a mature brand, you're in a constant paradox between wanting to be true to it, and wanting to revitalize it. This solution does both." —Critique
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