It helps to know what you’re talking about. For these projects, Open thinks strategically to come up with a big idea and/or develop solutions that we can make work in all kinds of media.

Make a Change

Open developed the launch campaign for Google for Nonprofits.

Google was looking for a way to help nonprofit users do good. We think good means different things to different people, but all nonprofits want to make a change. Google’s job is to help them do it. Our job was to help Google help them. We did just that with online and print ads, a tv spot, a website, and more.

Kirsten Olsen Cahill, Google for Nonprofits product marketing manager: “Thanks to Open for all the truly great work they have done for us. It’s been really great working with them on this campaign.”

You Are Part
of It

Open helped Patagonia with “the most ambitious and important endeavor” they’ve ever undertaken.

When Patagonia asked us to visualize The Responsible Economy, we delivered what we called The Field Guide to The Responsible Economy: a complete toolkit of words and pictures that Patagonia uses to help people understand their role in the economy and empower them to make more informed decisions.

Dmitri Siegel, Patagonia global creative director: “Open did a great job of bringing a unifying visual identity to this campaign. Most of all it was really fun and inspiring as always to work with them.”

Made for All

Open produced thousands of unique ads to launch Uniqlo’s flagship stores.

Uniqlo needed some help with their New York relaunch campaign. So we made lots of ideas, tons of printed matter, enough ads to support the largest transit-based media buy ever in New York City, and a construction barricade at the Fifth Avenue store—the biggest thing we’ve ever made (so far).