Let’s watch a movie (or a tv spot or a YouTube video). These projects were created and produced by Open for various types of screens—and for your viewing pleasure.

100 Artists

Open celebrated every Art21 artist ever.

After airing six seasons of Art in the Twenty-First Century on PBS, Art21 wanted to commemorate the occasion. So we developed a campaign that featured the list of 100 artists featured on the show so far—by remixing their faces, names, numbers, and work in short movies and a special website.

Eve Moros Ortega, managing director + series producer, Art21: “Open’s 100 Artists work was clever, funny, and enigmatic, and left viewers wanting more—which was exactly our goal.”

Features List

Open produced a short movie about the features of Google Chrome.

Google asked designers and filmmakers to create short movies promoting their Chrome web browser. We had some fun visualizing Chrome’s features list using bright colors, fun people, and some surprising situations. The result was a movie we call “Features List” that’s both informative and ridiculous.

You Are Not Alone

Open created a public service campaign for everybody.

When AIGA/NY asked us for a short movie to broadcast at midnight in Times Square, we proposed some even shorter movies. Our People Service Announcements are about finding your way, getting along with each other, and having a good time doing so. Each one is ten seconds long. This video features fifteen of them.