Thoughtful choices make you feel welcome. For these projects, Open creates ways to make sure you know where you’re going—and that you’ll enjoy yourself along the way.

This Is Your Park

Open designed the identity and signage for Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Built on 85 acres of industrial waterfront, Brooklyn Bridge Park is the newest place New Yorkers (and lots of tourists) go to bike, play, walk, and more. For years, we’ve been using simple design and humble materials to create an accessible and enjoyable experience for everybody who visits the park.

Regina Myer, Brooklyn Bridge Park president: “Open successfully introduced Brooklyn Bridge Park to the world with an identity system that fuses a 21st-century sensibility with a reverence for the site’s history and place on the waterfront.”

Brown Study

Open developed wayfinding and environmental graphics for Brown University’s Friedman Study Center.

When our friends at Architecture Research Office designed three floors of the Sciences Library at Brown, they asked us to join the team. We responded with retro-futuristic signs that fit in with the building, plus lots of crowdsourced wall graphics that don’t. It all added up to a great place to pull an all-nighter.

Joanna Saltonstall, program manager, Brown University Planning, Design and Construction: “Working with Open was fun. That’s pretty unusual these days! I was constantly surprised and amazed by what they came up with. I can’t wait to work with them again.”

Free and Open

Open created the signage for the landmark Kahn building at Yale.

Architect Louis Kahn (1901–1974) wasn’t around to work with us on the signs for his building, but when the Yale University Art Gallery contacted us, we thought of him as our collaborator. Everything we made is designed to both fit in with and stand out from the modern forms and monumental materials he cared so much about.

Anna Hammond, deputy director, Yale University Art Gallery: “Open found the perfect solution to our wayfinding needs. The clever systems they designed continue to delight visitors.”